The Story

Plug Me In is a purpose-driven adventure with as aim to educate, inspire
and accelerate the transition to a zero carbon future.

On the 15th of March 2016 I left the Netherlands in an electric car, the Blue Bandit ,
with as destination Sydney, the other side of the world.

I travel without money and rely on the kindness of people around the world.
Plug Me In is based upon the collaboration between people. Anyone can contribute.
On this website you can offer a meal, a place to sleep or electricity for the car.
All the offers form the route to the land Down Under.

I believe everyone can contribute to a more sustainable world.
I try to do my part by showing that electric cars are just as
reliable as their fossil-fuel powered cousins.

Throughout the journey I engage with organisations, people
and initiatives active in the field of sustainability to hear their vision,
challenges and solutions to tackle the climate problem.


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A quest

Plug Me In is a road trip with a twist. During the electric road trip I make stops at organisations, people and companies who are active in the field of sustainability.
I want to show what the challenges in the various countries are and explore innovative solutions and ideas.

Video’s and reports about these encounters can be viewed on this website. Topics already covered are food-waste, social enterprises, sustainable mobility, nature preservations and many more.

In the playlist on the right ➡ you can find interviews with innovative thinkers,
sustainable warriors and fascinating eco-products.

Do you have a suggestion for a cool project I can visit?
Please contact me.

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Video reports

Around Broome | Day 855 - 863

I left the Wangatjunka Community and moved to Broome via another Aboriginal community. Broome was good for me. I met […]

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First experience with an Aboriginal Community | Day 853 - 855

Josh is the principal at the Wangkatjungka community and invited me to experience life in the community.

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Just very beautiful and extraordinary Australia | Day 843 - 852

The road trip continued and this time without any remarkable problems. Just a lot of beauty. Pristine beauty. Extraordinary beauty.

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The Route

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My name is Wiebe Wakker and I have a huge passion for traveling. I’ve been in Australia
for a year and wandered through Asia for a few months.
After my first long trip to Australia I studied Event Management at the Utrecht University
of Arts and graduated with organizing Plug Me In.
With Plug Me In I want to combine my passions for traveling, photography,
videomaking with my interests in sustainability and electric cars and start a project which is kind of…

On this website I update you daily on the progress of the journey and my findings on sustainability
through blogposts, vlogs, videos and pictures.

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