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Hi, my name is Wiebe and since March 15, 2016 I am on my way from the
Netherlands to Australia by electric car.
I travel without money and share energy to reach my goal. On this website you can
‘Plug Me In’ with a meal, place to sleep or energy for the car.
Based upon these offers also the route is decided.

As of July 2017 I crossed 28 countries, drove 51.000+ kilometers
and met hundreds of amazing people.

Goal of this electric road trip is to promote sustainable mobility
and raise awareness for sustainable initiatives.

I regularly post updates about the journey
on this website and my social media pages.


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Personal quest

on sustainability

Plug Me In is a personal quest to find out what sustainability is.
I want to know:

What is sustainability?
What means sustainability to me?
How can I apply it in my everyday life?

In all the countries I cross I visit organisations,
companies and events to speak with them about their
vision on sustainability. Video’s and reports about
these encounters can be viewed here.

On the playlist on the right ➡️ you can find
interviews with innovative thinkers,
sustainable warriors and fascinating eco-products.

Do you have a suggestion for a cool project I can visit?
Please contact me.

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Video reports

What I've been doing in Malaysia

It has been way to long since I last posted a movie. My laptop was broken and couldnt do anything. […]

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Day 482 - 487 | Slept in the car in Kuala Lumpur

After recovery I departed to Kuala Lumpur. Not so easy as it was 400km and had to find good samaritans […]

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Day 471 - 479 | Thailand to Malaysia

Sorry for poor audio quality! Microphone is broken! In hight tempo I passed Thailand and arrived in Malaysia where Cameron […]

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The Route

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My name is Wiebe Wakker and I have a huge passion for traveling. I’ve been in Australia
for a year and wandered through Asia for a few months.
After my first long trip to Australia I studied Event Management at the Utrecht University
of Arts and graduated with organizing Plug Me In.
With Plug Me In I want to combine my passions for traveling, photography,
videomaking with my interests in sustainability and electric cars and start a project which is kind of…

On this website I update you daily on the progress of the journey and my findings on sustainability
through blogposts, vlogs, videos and pictures.

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