The Story

Since March 15, 2016 I am traveling from the
Netherlands to Australia in a fully electric car.
I travel without money and share energy to reach the destination.

Plug Me In with a meal, place to sleep or energy for the car
to help me reach the land ‘Down Under.’
Based upon your offer the route is decided.

This made me zigzag around Europe, crossed the Middle East & India
and at the end of this year I hope to reach Down Under.

Goal of this electric road trip is to promote sustainable mobility
and raise awareness for sustainable initiatives.

I regularly post updates about the journey
on this website and my social media pages.


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Personal quest

on sustainability

Plug Me In is a personal quest to find out what sustainability is.
I want to know:

What is sustainability?
What means sustainability to me?
How can I apply it in my everyday life?

In all the countries I cross I visit organisations,
companies and events to speak with them about their
vision on sustainability. Video’s and reports about
these encounters can be viewed here.

On the playlist on the right ➡️ you can find
interviews with innovative thinkers,
sustainable warriors and fascinating eco-products.

Do you have a suggestion for a cool project I can visit?
Please contact me.

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Video reports

Day 667 - 704 | About time for an Update

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How to insure yourself for a Road Trip

Insurances  When you go on a far road trip, especially when you don’t know when you will end, it is […]

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Day 658 - 666 | Shit situations in Surabaya

Surabaya is Indonesia’s second biggest city. And it is shit.

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The Route

so far

Help me to reach Down Under




My name is Wiebe Wakker and I have a huge passion for traveling. I’ve been in Australia
for a year and wandered through Asia for a few months.
After my first long trip to Australia I studied Event Management at the Utrecht University
of Arts and graduated with organizing Plug Me In.
With Plug Me In I want to combine my passions for traveling, photography,
videomaking with my interests in sustainability and electric cars and start a project which is kind of…

On this website I update you daily on the progress of the journey and my findings on sustainability
through blogposts, vlogs, videos and pictures.

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